Uniforms & Dress Code

GREEN Charter Schools Uniform Dress Code

GREEN Charter School-issued or approved logo shirts are required.
GREEN Charter School logo hoodies are permitted.
Solid navy blue vests, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets are permitted.
Any color long sleeve t-shirt may be worn under the short sleeve polo shirt during colder months.

All bottoms must be khaki or navy blue. Shorts must be at least fingertip-length when standing with arms at the sides.
Skirts, skorts, shorts, capri pants, and regular pants are permitted.
All bottoms must be worn at the waist and undergarments shall not be visible.
Leggings, athletic wear, sweatpants, joggers, and overalls are prohibited.
Bike shorts or leggings for under skirts or jumpers are recommended.
Students in grades K-5 may also wear tan jumpers with the school logo over a polo shirt in navy blue, green, or white.

More information on uniform details can be found within the 2023-2024 Family Handbook

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